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Walk with Angels (Spacer z AnioƂami)
A film by Tomasz WysokiƄski






Every day, a great many children disappear in South Africa. They run away from home or are kicked out by troubled relatives. Some are abducted for child trafficking or prostitution, others are being ritually murdered. A man named Jerry is single-handedly searching for them. In Walk with Angels, we follow him on his mission to find a baby kidnapped from Soweto. The ancestral spirits say that the girl is still alive, but warn that finding the child could result in her mother's death. The search opens Jerry's old wounds and brings back painful memories – his early life in the streets, being recruited as a child soldier by the military arm of the ANC, and his heroic fight against the apartheid regime. The confrontation with the past reveals Jerry's true soul.



Poland | 2021 | 84 min.



written and directed by: Tomasz WysokiƄski
photography by: Tomasz WysokiƄski
music by: PaweƂ Mykietyn
edited by: Daniel Gąsiorowski
sound by: Tomasz Dukszta
producers: Piotr Kobus, Agnieszka Drewno

cast: Jeremaiah Marobyane

produced by: Mañana
co-produced by: Ayahuasca, TVP SA, Di Factory, Soundplace
co-financed by: the Polish Film Institute

polish distribution: AP Mañana/TVP S.A.
international sales: Visible Film, www.visiblefilm.com

 WWA 2 foto Wysokinski copyright Manana 

fot. Tomasz WysokiƄski © Mañana 




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